You’re never too young to test for cardiovascular diseases with Feel the Beat campaign

You’re never too young to test for cardiovascular diseases. Feel the beat is taking place at Mall of Egypt to raise awareness for everyone, especially among women, to do regular checkups to prevent all heart diseases no matter what the age is! 

Mall of Egypt along its collaboration with Dar El Fouad Hospital will conduct heart health tests starting the 23rd of September till the 29th of September. Everyone will get the chance to do random blood glucose level tests, blood pressure tests, BMI, Hight and weight measurement and they will get the opportunity to take cardiologist consultations. 

Not only that Mall of Egypt has collaborated with Dar El Fouad for heart tests, but also Hit Clan Egypt and Rahet Bally are part of our awareness campaign. 
Hit Clan Egypt, the place where you get the best fitness regime for your body will be holding: 
Yoga classes on the 8th and 17th of September.
IChoreo classes on the 13th and 14th of September. 
Core classes on the 27th and 29th of September.

Rahet bally, the ultimate mother support system will also be here on the 15th and 19th of September to give all the mommys out there the best mama transformation program! All at our mall from 9-10 am.
Moreover, Mall of Egypt has successfully collaborated with Uber as well for its last checkups week from the 23rd to the 29th of September offering 50% discount on all your back and forth rides to and from mall of Egypt. All you have to do is use the promocode (feelthebeatxuber)!

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Do all the shopping you want at our stores starting August 26th till September 9th, present your EGP 600 worth receipts, shuffle and win extravagant prizes. Enjoy the game and may you strike it lucky and gold!