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October 2017

Craving Guide 101 at Mall of Egypt

You’ve spent an entire day shopping with friends and family, and not only is your mind consumed with how knackered you are, but also how you’re absolutely starving for a fulfilling meal –whether sweet or savoury.

Your pressing hunger may fuel your urge to walk into the first restaurant you see to eat for the sole purpose of temporary surviving, yet may eventually make you frustrated at your failure to satisfy your deepest, most intrinsic cravings.

Have no fear, for we are here to help you out!

Welcome to our 101 guide on how to please your taste buds and leave your tummy jolly full with the help of all the restaurants Mall of Egypt has to offer. With the generous range of cuisines, there's a restaurant that meets your every craving.

Guilty savoury indulgence: Halawet El Jibneh (Tamara)

Otherwise known as sweet cheese rolls, Halawet El Jibneh from Tamara integrates the savoury essence of cheese with sweet syrup drizzled to coat a perfectly cooked dough. 

Light cheese-filled dough, topped with syrup and pistachios make the ultimate Halawet El Jibneh


Relentless sweet tooth: Ghazal Beirut (Tamara)

This is the dessert for the mischievous; one of which the contrast in texture and flavour allows it to comfortably stand unrivalled. First, your taste buds are tickled with the fluff of sweetness from the cotton candy (halawet el sha’ar), followed by the creamy-like mastic ice cream. This is definitely a go-to if you’re bound to hit the gym next thing in the morning.

Ghazal Beirut defies the norm by combining mastic with halawet sha’ar at Mall of Egypt

Carnivore-wants-meat craze: Classic Smash (Smash Burger)

Leaning towards a mouthwatering burger? Head to Smash Burger and try out their Classic Smash; comprising heavenly juicy patties topped with melted cheese and rich seasoning. Not to mention, the patty-bun ratio is spot on.

Meat fanatics should never miss the chance to get a juicy Classic Smash at Mall of Egypt.

Need-energy-now mood: Iced Coffee (Caribou)

If the wide range of stores and options at Mall of Egypt makes your shopping experience a tad tiresome, that is precisely when you should go for Caribou's Iced Coffee to cool off and wake up. Its thick and creamy consistency complemented with the right amount of coffee and sugar will keep you buzzing for more, and ensures you’re all fuelled up for another shopping marathon.

Caribou’s Iced Coffee is the perfect energizer beverage to keep you cool while visiting Mall of Egypt


Seafood-zest mania: Smoked Salmon & Shrimp Salad (Viking)

If you’re craving seafood yet can’t help but cringe at the calories, opt for Viking’s Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Salad for a lighter option. With a side of crispy iceberg lettuce, rocket, red onions, capers, toasted olive bread, and Cocktail dressing on top to harmonise all the fresh ingredients together, who said healthy can’t be just as delicious as junk?

The perfect balance between a light meal and seafood is the Smoked Salmon & Shrimp salad from Viking.


Adventure-maybe-even-spicy: Boneless Buffalo Wings (Chili’s)

A bowl of rebellious spice oozing with every bite. Fulfill your protein craze with the scrumptious Boneless Buffalo Wings from Chili’s. Served with a dip, it caresses your taste buds with a cooling effect, along with an additional freshness offered through its vegetable sticks.

Chili’s boneless Buffalo wings at Mall of Egypt

The 70’s-culture food: The Butter Finger Milkshake (Smash Burger)

Experience the 70’s with another fan favourite from Smash Burger: the Butter Finger Milkshake, with the perfect amount of sweetness and butter to embrace your sweet tooth.

To-die-for Butter Finger Milkshakes from Smash Burger at Mall of Egypt

Simple sweetness: Gâteaux Soirée from La Poire

Why pass by the family empty-handed when you can pick up your own assortment of Gâteaux Soirée with some creamy, tangy, and fluffy desserts from La Poire that will guarantee to leave them chipper?

Assortment of Gâteaux Soirée from La Poire at Mall of Egypt

Genuine Chocolate: Gold Bars from Patchi

If your goal is to present something far from traditional at family gatherings, don’t stress to impress because Patchi’s gold bar chocolates will do that for you in a second! Their milk-praline filled gold bars are an all-time family-pleaser that will firmly set your mark on the dinner table.

 Patchi’s gold bar chocolates at Mall of Egypt.

February 2017


It’s a challenge to stick to a diet let alone a lifestyle that abstains from the most common acts that we perform every day. Veganism, the new nutrition and lifestyle trend that has been booming lately, is either a walk in the park for some, or absolutely impossible to achieve.

So what is veganism exactly?
It is the rejection of the notion that animals are in any way the property or resources of humans. Vegans try their best to not eat or use anything related to animals or their by-products, believing in their rights as living beings.

It goes far beyond refraining yourself from eating meat, chicken, fish, honey, milk and eggs. It entails the abstinence from using fur, leather, cosmetics and soaps with animal ingredients.


Sounds difficult, right?

It isn’t for those who believe in animal welfare and bravely expose themselves to what goes on behind the curtains in mass production farms and cosmetic factories. Things have changed drastically since our hunter-gatherer days. We’re now producing such a vast quantity of animal products that we are decimating our natural resources and destroying our environment in the most gruesome ways. To a vegan, cows and chickens are just as cute as our furry dogs and cats and shouldn’t go through the suffering solely for our own pleasure.

So what about the nutrients we’re missing out on? No protein?

That actually isn’t true.

Vegans can eat any type of fruit, every type of vegetable, nuts and seeds, carbohydrates, beans and legumes (tofu, edamame, hummus, black beans, chickpeas, lentils), non-dairy milks, chocolate (made from coconut, soy or rice mlik), junk food (fries, onion rings, cookies, cake, candy), etc. They get their protein sources from: lentils, tofu, peas, peanut butter, almonds, spinach, whole wheat bread, potatoes, broccoli, kale. Meat alternatives could be veggie burgers, vegan sausages, tempeh bacon, deli sandwich slices; the list is endless. The good part is you usually can’t notice the difference in taste.

Begin by getting informed. See how animals are being treated due to our over consumption in factories and animal farms. Check your wardrobe, the makeup and beauty products that you use to make sure they don’t test on animals. Slowly, begin decreasing your intake of animal based products to whatever extent you can at first. Allow yourself the occasional cheat family meal, favorite food until you get the hang of it. Don’t shy away from the idea of veganism simply because you can’t follow it 100 percent correctly at first. Being partially vegan is still a start!

It’s important to be aware of what goes on behind the scenes with the food and commodities that are made for our consumption. By not buying that fur coat, you are minimizing the industry’s possibilities to boom and clearly say you do not support their actions.

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