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April 2018

4 of Our Favourite Fashion Finds To Shop This Month

If you only buy four things this month, let it be these coveted new arrivals.

April 2018

3 Dresses To Suit Your Mood

The best frocks to match your attitude.

September 2017

The Maison Pyramide Family Have Moved into Mall of Egypt

Maison Pyramide has opened its first boutique at Mall of Egypt. We spoke to co-Founder Maria Sanchez Muñoz about the house of fashion creative strategists based in Cairo about what they do and what you can expect to see at their store. Working with over 15 local brands, we expect Maison Pyramide to set new standards for the Cairene fashion scene.

February 2017

Who Is Nada Akram Designs

A brand that stands out as bright as a pink highlighter, Nada Akram Designs’ boutique is one to look out for in the Mall of Egypt.