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February 2017

A Different Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we think it's about time to buy or do something different other than buy chocolate, generic gifts and take her out for dinner. Here is s a list of things you could do on the special day:

Put together an appreciation video

Gather all your family in a WhatsApp group and ask them to send in a short one-minute video telling your Mother why she is so important to you. With some basic editing, compile the videos together and on Mother's Day, share it with her or show it to her first thing in the morning.

Take her out for karaoke
All Mothers were jealous from the likes of Cher and Madonna. Take her out for a nice night of karaoke to show her that you believe in her untapped potential.

Buy her something she actually needs
There's no harm in materialistic gifts as long as they are useful. Disregard the price tag and focus on buying her something that would be valuable to her. It could be as simple as a dress she was always too shy to wear or a unique cutting board.

Personalized Gift
It could be a laser cut rolling pin, a birthstone necklace, an artwork that you feel represents her or even an engraved iPad. Whatever it is, just make sure it isn’t just a store-bought item that doesn’t have her touch.

Pampering Day
She won't go to the spa unless you take her there. Book a rejuvenating massage and treatment for all her aches and sores. Force her to relax and soothe her mind and soul on a day that celebrates her. If she’s not into massages and tropical oils, take her for a nail treatment or a simple mani at a nail boutique.

Have a Series Marathon
Pack up on the popcorn and tissues (if needed) and watch a new series with her by downloading all the episodes and spend hours analyzing characters and relating them to your real-life relatives. Anything from Friends to Gilmore Girls will do!

Social Media crash course
Although this gift may come back to haunt you, your Mother will always appreciate a helping hand in how to be up to date with the coolest slang, the newest shortcuts and the useful apps that only you know how to use. It could be as easy as teaching her how to text with two thumbs instead of one finger. Trust us, she will love it.

Mom for a Week
Decide to switch roles with your Mother. Promise to handle all her chores and duties for a week while she relaxes and focuses on herself instead of the family. Pretty impossible for her to do, but your helping hand will be great use to her, even if she doesn’t admit it.

A Coordinate Bracelet
Get a bracelet engraved with the coordinates of a special place between you and your Mother. It could be the place you were born, your first home or her home town. You could wear one too!

Memory Book

Create a book filled with your Mother’s favorite people. Circulate the book around and have everyone write a small message with a memory or something they’d like to tell her. Add pictures as well!

February 2017

Spring Detox

Now spring is here and it’s time to clear out our wardrobes, lives and most importantly jump start our bodies with a detox.

We absorb all kinds of toxins, waste, preservatives, stimulants through what we eat and the environment around us. Our bodies produce toxins as well (metabolic waste products) that occur from natural processes like digestion and respiration. Don’t worry though, your digestive, endocrine and circulatory systems eliminate these toxins.

Problem is, our bodies are so overwhelmed with the other toxins from processed foods, sugars, caffeine and lack of exercise, making it hard for it to eliminate them all. That’s where detoxes come in to remove the bad and fill us with the good!

There’s no ideal detox. The internet is filled with different variations for different purposes, making their duration last from three days to a full month.

Here are the basic guidelines that most of them have in common:

Eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats
These are usually unhealthy and hard to digest and will overwhelm your bodily systems while the detox tries to do the opposite.

Sip filtered water
Whenever you get the chance to, drink water to flush out your toxins and clear your liver. Add some limes, raspberries or lemons to give it an extra fresh feel. Increasing your fluid intake is important since you’re increasing your fiber intake with veggies and fruits.

Sweat sweat sweat
Go to a sauna and let your body cry its sins away. If you have no time, take a hot bath with Epson  salt and sweat out the waste

Exercise for an hour a day
Pilates or some ashtanga yoga for an hour will do. The more you sweat and the more you move, the more active your body will feel and get.

Meditate and Breathe
Clearing your mind is just as important as clearing your body. Taking everything in and processing it helps alleviate your soul and heart from all your daily difficulties. Try breathing deeply by breathing in for several seconds, holding it in, and exhaling it over a course of eight seconds.

Minimize chemical based care products
 Switch to natural alternatives. Use coconut oil as toothpaste or natural oils instead of hair creams.

Find the right balance of healthy food and spread them throughout your day.
Stick to leafy greens, healthy fruits, pressed juices, whole grain foods, protein. Contact your nutritionist to create a mix that works for you and your body type!

Let your body do its job
Stay away from the laxatives and the pills. Your bodily organs can detoxify well enough. A detox is just helping the process happen without replacing their function.

These small steps with a healthy mindset and food program will make a world of a difference. With time, you could begin to incorporate these guidelines in your everyday life, minimizing the toxins you take in and unleashing your body’s full potential. The moment you become aware of the toxins you take in and consciously try to avoid them is when your detox will really show the fruits of your labor.

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