Chocolates / Confectionery / Ice-Cream

If you love ice cream, chocolates, sweets, and cake, you will be in sugary heaven at Mall of Egypt. Indulge your sweet tooth or find perfect presents for friends and family at our choice of confectionary stores. Whether it is a treat for a loved one, tasty ice cream for the kids or something delicious for yourself, you can find all kinds of chocolate and confectionery at the mall.

Cold Stone Creamery promises the ‘ultimate ice cream experience’ with a massive choice of flavours, The taste is excellent, and it is better for your waistline too. If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one, head to Patchi. Considered by many to be the world is the best chocolate, these treats are also beautifully packaged to ensure the recipient will feel very special indeed.

Whether you are looking for a quick sweet treat as you shop or need gift inspiration, we have it covered. For more of the best ice cream and sweet stores, look at the list below.
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