Guest Services



Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the mall. Please connect to #Free_Mall_WiFi from the list of Wi-Fi networks and you’ll be connected automatically. For any assistance, please visit the Customer Service Help Desk. 

Car Battery Jump Starter

Car battery cables Supply are available at your convenience. Please visit the Customer Service Desks.

Courtesy Policy

To ensure your safety & security, it is recommended to follow these few steps.

Information Desks

There are 3 customer service desks located on the ground level of the mall. Our Customer Service team can assist with inquiries or complaints as well as offer a range of services to our shoppers including mall information, lost and found, wheelchair hires, etc.

Kids cart hire

Kids' happiness and amazing shopping experience is our priority. You can hire a cart for your kids to facilitate your shopping experience inside the mall. You can find at A1, C1 and E2.

Lost & Found Assistance

Misplaced or lost an item during your visit? Head to any of our Customer Service desks located on the ground floor for assistance.

Mall Guide (Mall Map)

Find your favourite store at Mall of Egypt, along with a map to help you quickly find its location.

Power Banks - Temporarily unavailable

Just because your phone battery has died doesn't mean your shopping day has to end. You can find a power bank to borrow at our Customer Service Desks!

Special Needs Parking

There are designated parking spots for persons with disabilities located close to the Mall entrance.

Taxi drop-off and pick-up

There is a designated taxi drop off and pickup area East of the mall situated adjacent to The Plaza. For your convenience, another pickup point can be found on level two from the North area at gate D2.

Valet Parking - Temporarily unavailable

Our Valet service gives you more time to eat, play and shop at the mall. You can find our service at the Plaza Parking Area.


We strive to make sure that everyone has equal access to explore everything our mall has to offer. Regualr and Electric wheelchairs are available at all the Customer Service desks, based on availability.