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Shop Hands free

A Hassle-Free Shopping Experience, where Customers enjoy a seamless shopping journey without the burden of carrying their heavy Bags . as they can leave their bags and purchases at a designated location , Hands free service offers a free in-mall delivery as well as home delivery services with nominal fees.

Hands free desk located at level 1 near to Gate A1

Questions & Answers

Is this service available all day?

 Hands free Shopping service will be available during Mall Of Egypt opening hours.

How much does it cost?

The service is completely free of charge for deliveries made anywhere  inside the Mall,  Also we offer outside delivery with Extra charges,( Rates are available at Hands free Desk at the Mall ) Cash on delivery ONLY

Can I drop anything off at the Hands free desk?
Mall Of Egypt  reserves the right refuses any item. This may include; food and beverages, perishable items, grocery items, flowers, delicate or breakable objects, prescription drugs, money or cash, jewelry and watches, personal belongings, live animals, and any items illegal under Egypt Law.      All consumers' shopping bags must be sealed in the dedicated Hands free Shopping delivery bag in the consumers' presence. Mall Of Egypt reserves the right to decline the acceptance or collection of any bag that is not sealed or wherein the seal is open. The weight of each Hands free Shopping delivery bag should not exceed 5 kg. The size of each consumers' shopping bag(s) should not exceed the dimensions of the Hands free Shopping delivery bags.

What happens if I forget to collect my bags?
According to the Mall's management policies, shopping bags not collected within ten days will be disposed of.

When it's time to go home, how long will it take to receive my bags?
You can contact our Hands free Shopping service team 15 minutes before you finish shopping via the phone number  you received at drop off. The team will aim to deliver your bags to you at your chosen location within the Mall within 15 minutes. However, Mall Of Egypt cannot guarantee this time period and does not accept liability in case of any delays.

Can I ask for just one of my bags to be delivered if I need an item during my time at the mall?
Partial delivery of items from one delivery bag is not permitted.