• Located On Level 2
  • Nearest Parking C2
  • +2 01150015009
  • Opening Hours : 10:00 A.M. - 09:00 P.M
Opening Hours : 10:00 A.M. - 09:00 P.M

Antarvie is a high class boutique for soirée dresses.

Although a new brand, it is the brand-daughter of Antarmode, an haute couture house founded in 1998, and carries its mother-company's years of experience and knowledge. The success of Antarmode stimulated the designer Mahmoud Antar to create a brand to attend a specific audience who is looking for taking soirée dresses to a different level of elegance and uniqueness. Antarvie is the response to many ladies' dreams.

Special moments begin much before the date on the calendar. From the minute you know something memorable is coming, you start to prepare yourself carefully, and that’s what the brand is all about. Vie means life, and life is good because it is fulfilled with special details and happiness. 

Inspired by the French language and culture, Antarvie shares values that make life an experience that should be lived in grace, and, its unique moments, with distinction and refinement. As a consequence, our fine and feminine dresses are loyal to smooth fabrics, charming details and delicate patterns.

We are committed in saying that at Antarvie you are not just purchasing a dress; you are meeting the elegance’s full potential in you. After all, remember: happiness happens when we are open enough to embrace the good moments… And Antarvie wants you to have incomparable first class experiences. 


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