Lingerie & Swimwear


Whatever your size or shape, gorgeous lingerie and swimwear is the quick way to discover a sleeker silhouette for a real confidence boost. It makes you feel more comfortable. And it’s the real secret to always looking your best.

Luckily, we’ve got a fabulous choice of top quality underwear and swimwear at the mall. From niche boutiques to our large department stores, you can find everything you need. Shop for sleepwear, bikinis, and sexy lingerie at A2Z lingerie. Add a little French sophistication to your look at Etam or find fun, fashionable women’s swimsuits and women’s underwear at Oysho. From plus-sizes to petit, we’ve got everyone covered.

Look for everyday essentials or a silky something special when you shop for lingerie or prepare for beach and poolside fun with our choice of swimwear.

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